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/dll -u

Posted By: Wims

/dll -u - 16/02/09 08:35 PM

Actually the help file state :
Originally Posted By: /help /dll
/dll <filename> <procname> [data]
and :
/dll -u <filename>
But considering that I use only one path for the setting and others thing and considering this path :
C:\Program Files\mIRC\folder\mydll.dll
Without -u, I can use //dll folder/mydll.dll ..., with -u, I can't, it try to unload from C:\folder\mydll.dll, would be good if the behavior could be the same : the one used without -u

Posted By: Sephiroth_

Re: /dll -u - 27/02/09 11:52 AM

Have you ever tryed just the filename without the path?
Posted By: Wims

Re: /dll -u - 28/02/09 12:18 AM

I don't have any problem with this, I'm only requesting this according to the general behavior, I'm sure it's not a normal behavior to not be able to unload a dll with a given path whereas you can load it with this same path.
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