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Posted By: A_Hylian_Human on ADMIN and on OWNER - 18/01/09 05:09 PM
It would be nice to have an on ADMIN and on OWNER event, because detecting who actually got +q/a can be difficult with an on RAWMODE, especially if several modes are set that require parameters (i.e. +la 20 Mary).
Posted By: MTec007 Re: on ADMIN and on OWNER - 18/01/09 06:07 PM
i dont think mode +qa are part of the standard IRC protocol but i could be mistaken. if im not then its a 50/50 shot if it gets added.

On a second note, yes i agree that would be great to add to mirc:)
Posted By: vexed2 Re: on ADMIN and on OWNER - 18/01/09 07:02 PM
+q and +a have been around for a long time.
If it's not seen to be standard IRC protocols then why should they be added?
But anyway, i'm sure this is easily scriptable.
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: on ADMIN and on OWNER - 18/01/09 08:04 PM
As others have said, those modes are non-standard. What hasn't been mentioned is that not all IRCds that support "owners" and "admins" agree on what they are capable of and what modes define them, making it difficult for mIRC to add those events and have them work as expected on each network. In fact mIRC does support an on owner event already (undocumented), but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work with a lot of servers which have an owner status because of those varying definitions.

If you're happy to have it scripted but just can't get the rawmode handling sorted, there's ready-made code to handle it already available.

Personally I'd rather see a built-in identifier for rawmode to make it easier to connect each mode with its argument, rather than having additional built-in events that might not work as expected on all servers. That way people could write a script that works for the servers they use with very little effort.
Posted By: Kozical Re: on ADMIN and on OWNER - 30/01/09 03:51 AM
He makes a valid point mIRC does support on *:owner:#:{ This actually can be pretty useful, and given proper parsing before the data is sent to localhost it can be triggered on any irc network that supports mode +q. on *:admin:#:{ however is a good suggestion. I agree that we should definitely have more events. Also that if there is a said event that it be documented in the help file.
Posted By: RusselB Re: on ADMIN and on OWNER - 30/01/09 05:43 AM
There are a lot of events, commands and identifiers that are not in the current help file, for various reasons.
I have (or had before my system crashed) a help file that contained a lot of the items that are missing from the official help file, but even it is out of date, as, if I recall correctly, it was done up for mIRC 6, and the person that made it didn't update for later versions.

I will see if I can find the file that I am talking about, either on one of my systems, or the original online, and subject to which (if either) I can find, post a link for others to be able to obtain it.
Posted By: Strider Re: on ADMIN and on OWNER - 30/01/09 10:16 AM
The on OWNER event only works on now-extinct IRCX servers, IIRC. Or maybe that was the "isowner" comparison...

From versions.txt:

23/09/99 - mIRC v5.61
2.Improved support for IRCX servers:

Added property $nick().owner, isowner if comparison, and "q"
property to $nick(#,N,aohvrq,aohvrq) where "q" is for owners.

Added on OWNER/DEOWNER events, work the same as on OP/DEOP,
and $mode().owner/deowner properties.
Posted By: iAlex94 Re: on ADMIN and on OWNER - 30/01/09 03:08 PM
There is an on admin and on owner event. the problem is that mIRC finds the modes by recognizing changes in the users "prefix" which is in default servers @%+ meaning that mIRC only supports those two events on servers having the prefixes ~ (owner) and & (admin/superop). I know that at least newer versions of UnrealIRCD supports this.
Posted By: Shining_Phoenix Re: on ADMIN and on OWNER - 01/02/09 12:46 AM
PREFIX=(qaohv)~&@%+ in raw 005 can be used to determine what the prefixes on a server are. If q is in there, assume q is owner. If a is in there, assume a is admin.

If q/a is before the first comma in CHANMODES=Ibeg,k,FJLfjl,ABCDGKMNOPQRSTcimnprstuz in raw 005 then they're owner/admin, but just not prefixed.

So, raw 005 is a more reliable way of finding out if owner and admin exist than looking at prefix changes, especially since q and a aren't always ~ and & when prefixed.
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