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ON LOAD params

Posted By: RG_

ON LOAD params - 16/04/03 01:27 PM

It would be nice if mIRC had on load parametrs al least for remote scripts.For example

/load -rs myscript.mrc for_testing_purposes
on *:LOAD: if ($1 == for_testing_purposes) {
echo Testing script...
This would'nt brake the existing scripts
Posted By: theRat

Re: ON LOAD params - 16/04/03 04:20 PM

alias load {
set %stuff $3-
load $1-3
on *:load: {
if ( %stuff == sumthing ) {
unset %stuff
do something
Posted By: RG_

Re: ON LOAD params - 16/04/03 07:06 PM

I was sure that there was an other way to do this (as many other things suggested here).It was just a suggestion smirk
Posted By: BoredNL

Re: ON LOAD params - 17/04/03 11:26 AM

um.. In the script you're loading, just have an on *:load:{ whatever }

What's the problem?
Posted By: sergiodf

Re: ON LOAD params - 18/04/03 06:32 PM

The problem is the weight.

A %stuff variable has no enought weight to be a standar.
%stuff may refer to millon diferent things on each running mirc.
$1- is a standar and refers the same thing in his mirc and any other.
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