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Request for /color <@window> command

Posted By: eduz

Request for /color <@window> command - 27/06/08 12:47 PM

(Sorry for my poor english).

Hi there, I need a command to change the palettes color for a SINGLE Picture Window.

Example: I have a picture window called @Example1 and I want to change a palette color only for @Example1 and not for mIRC global settings.
So, I will do:
Syntax: //color <@window> <num> <color>
Example: //color @Example1 7 65535
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Request for /color <@window> command - 27/06/08 01:30 PM

Would it not be simpler to use the existing RGB colour support for picture windows?

For example:
//drawdot -r [color:red]@Example1 65535[/color] 10 10 10
//drawdot -r [color:red]@Example1 $rgb(100, 200, 50)[/color] 10 10 10

This way you don't have to deal with palettes at all.
Posted By: eduz

Re: Request for /color <@window> command - 27/06/08 01:42 PM

No, sorry. In my case, I need it for /drawtext and /drawtext must use the palettes colors. (My engine reads from an external file and in the file there are texts like 2Hello).
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