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/msg and /notice display window

Posted By: Ninko

/msg and /notice display window - 27/05/08 02:18 AM

When using /msg and /notice in a script, it would be good to have an option which window

-> *nickname* message
-> -nickname- message

appear in, rather then them always going to the status window.

Posted By: argv0

Re: /msg and /notice display window - 27/05/08 03:09 AM

Considering they can't be styled by any other method but overriding the alias, you can easily do:

alias msg { .!msg $1- | if ($show) echo -atm -> $+(*,$1,*) $2- }
alias notice { .!notice $1- | if ($show) echo -atm -> $+(-,$1,-) $2- }

So the feature is already doable via scripting.
Posted By: Ninko

Re: /msg and /notice display window - 27/05/08 03:37 AM

I know, but the option would be nice.

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