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Posted By: tomalak16 Website navigation - 28/12/07 04:33 PM
I would like to suggest a minor re-shuffle of the website's navigation system. There are many pages that aren't obviously (or even directly) accessible from the main Home/About/Download/Register/Community/Help headings.

For example, the changelog "whatsnew/versions" files are only found in a discreet link within the last news entry. The latest news page itself is only accessible from a link which reads "released". It is therefore very confusing when trying to find something specific.

It would be perhaps better if the main headings had sub-menus so that everything were accessible from the correct ordered menus.
Posted By: Sh4d0w191 Re: Website navigation - 29/12/07 10:06 AM
Yes, I find this annoying aswell you could also have page with a link to every page on the mirc website, I know there is the help.html page but it doesn't give you a full list of links.
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