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Encryption of log files

Posted By: telcontar

Encryption of log files - 18/12/02 05:34 AM

For those of us who are just a wee bit paranoid it would be nice to have realtime PGP encryption of our log files.
There is of course no need to implement the PGP itself in mIRC, one could use external PGP software with a predefined key to encrypt with and such that is just used as a plugin, as long as the encryption happens automatically.

Its quite a nag having to encrypt the log files manually from time to time.. and then your latest logs wont be encrypted.
Posted By: Pasmal

Re: Encryption of log files - 18/12/02 06:13 AM

If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP then you can do this automatically. You need to have an NTFS formatted partition (you can easily, without data loss, convert your drive from FAT32 to NTFS using a command line tool), then you can set the log folder to be encrypted so only your login can view it.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: Encryption of log files - 18/12/02 10:18 PM

If I recall, under XP NTFS encryption is XP Pro only, won't work under XP Home.
Posted By: Poppy

Re: Encryption of log files - 18/12/02 10:57 PM

You recall correctly, codemastr frown
Posted By: Pasmal

Re: Encryption of log files - 19/12/02 12:03 AM

Really? Stupid Home edition!
Posted By: tom420

Re: Encryption of log files - 19/12/02 02:03 AM

Encryption under win2k/XP??

Unless I really missed a feature, files are not encrypted. They are just looked from non owner users, unless you explicitely allow non owner users to vew the files. It's kind of password protected right, not encrypted... did I miss a feature??

In my case I've put a password on my computer, and I lock down the computer when I leave it, so no one could read the logs (or anything else)... only works when your room-mates/girlfriend/brothers/sisters are not geek like me :P
Posted By: Pasmal

Re: Encryption of log files - 19/12/02 02:31 AM

Win 2k and XP (Pro, .NET, NOT Home) have NTFS 5, which lets you both compress files and encrypt files (though you can't have encrypted, compressed files -- either one or the other). They are not just password protected, they're encrypted.

Neat eh?


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