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'on highlight' tip

Posted By: Vile

'on highlight' tip - 17/08/07 02:15 PM

on highlight tooltip
Posted By: Fussel

Re: 'on highlight' tip - 17/08/07 02:28 PM

This function is already implemented, just look into your highlight settings! wink
Posted By: Vile

Re: 'on highlight' tip - 17/08/07 08:17 PM

you win this round...
Posted By: segosu

Re: 'on highlight' tip - 17/08/07 09:30 PM

It kind of sucks though, seeing as it doesn't even display the line that matched.

I find it better to disable it from mIRC's options and use this:
on *:TEXT:*:#: {
  if (*nick* !iswm $1-) return 
  if (!$appactive) noop $tip(highlight, Highlight $network, $+([,$chan,]) < $+ $nick $+ > $1-,,,,, $window($chan).wid)

on *:ACTION:*:#: {
  if (*nick* !iswm $1-) return 
  if (!$appactive) noop $tip(highlight, Highlight $network, $+([,$chan,]) * $nick $1-,,,,, $window($chan).wid)
Posted By: Lusht

Re: 'on highlight' tip - 18/08/07 09:56 AM

Hmm... may be like that:

For example, our nick is Gredo

on $*:text:/(^|\s)([gG][rR][eE][dD][oO])/iS:*: {
*some IFs*
noop $tip(hl_top,Highlight,$+([,$time,]) $+(<,$nick,>) $1-,7,$null,$null,$null,$null)
Posted By: hixxy

Re: 'on highlight' tip - 18/08/07 10:57 AM

Seeing as you've used the /i switch, you don't need to use [gG][rR] etc, because /i makes it a case-insensitive match.
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