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Identifying IRC Ops

Posted By: SWV1

Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 06:17 AM

I know several people who would like a way to identify IRC operators.

Users that have channel ops or that are voiced have an @ or a + next to their name and can also have a different colour set in the address list settings.

Some clients add a check next to an Oper's nick and/or make the nick a different colour.

Doing a /WHOIS <nick> displays "<nick> is an IRC Operator" but it would be nice to have some other way to identify IRC operators.
Posted By: Dana

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 06:30 AM

I'm not quite sure how feasible that would be.

There are usually two standard ways of detecting IRCops on most networks.

1) /whois
2) /who

Either method would require mIRC to perform a /whois on everybody in a given channel ... or perform a /who on a channel when you first enter it.

In larger channels, that is not feasible and may freeze up mIRC for a few seconds. Additionally, not all networks allow normal users to request a /who on an entire channel. Webnet would be one of them I believe.

It's much easier to obtain a script to accomplish what you want. =)
Posted By: SWV1

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 07:03 AM

Yes, I know it is just that some clients display a small check or change the colour of the user when they connect and I have heard many people discussing how they would like to see it in mIRC, so I thought I would mention it here.

Posted By: Dana

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 07:13 AM

IMHO, while that may be possible for smaller networks, it may not be feasible or even possible, on larger ones.

You cannot monitor everybody who connects or opers. Or even if you could, you may not be able to do so for the entire network (as opposed to the single server) that you're on. In addition, there are so many different ircds available out there these days ..
Posted By: Starfox

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 08:12 AM

Problem with "detecting" Opers with a WHO #channel is that there is no guarantee that someone will oper/deoper themselves. mIRC would have to "constantly" WHO #channel to keep up with that.

In addition, mIRC would have to USERHOST every JOIN to a channel to check whether or not someone is an oper. This would be extremely taxing to the network.

There is a reason why channel functions are kept separate from global functions on the server side.
Posted By: vasil_michev

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 02:13 PM

the most usefull way to do this is /stats p irc.server.com for all the servers on a network
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 02:22 PM

It won't happen. Opers have nothing to do with channels. I for one really detest being drawn into channel matters so the last thing I need is to be forced to wear a mode prefix simply because I'm an oper. The other thing is opers can't have a mode prefix because no channel modes apply to them. Opers that want to make themselves available will always sit in #Help or the equivalent there-of. Opers that want to hide and either pretend not to be there or factually not be available will either just sit in channels (without ops) or just sit on Status Window.

When an oper uses /samode they then have the @ but only because at that time channel modes apply to them. I use this rarely though as opers can change all modes without ops or even from outside the channel.
Posted By: wshs

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 03:51 PM

Command: /userhost oper
Result: userhost: oper*=+user@host

If the * is there, then it's an oper.
Posted By: Sartan

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 07:14 PM

/help /cline smirk A prefix wouldn't be very nice IMO. It wouldn't treat anyone nicely wink What you could do is grab a /motd or two or three from a few servers, add those nicks to an ini file.. Check on join, and if that nickname is there, great. You could also grab the hostmask and check it IE: nickname!opernick@dalnet
Posted By: CajunChick

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 09/12/02 07:17 PM

Some network-wide stats may be resricted on some networks but can try:
/stats o
/who 0 o
Posted By: AzraDark

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 10/12/02 01:31 AM

i wrote one before it was only for the channel you were on..
did a /who on join set all opers to a var, added em on join, removed em on proper events...
or you could assign em a temp userlevel and have a /cnick..

Posted By: GrimZ

Re: Identifying IRC Ops - 10/12/02 08:19 AM

I gues saying "Search" is out of the question hmm? :tongue:
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