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Posted By: Deele mirc.ini reloading - 20/07/07 05:09 PM
There is such a command "reload" with the same parameters as "load" command, to reload a file without triggering the on start/load events in the script being loaded.
I would suggest create such a command to order mirc.exe reload data from mirc.ini file. It would be useful if I change something in mirc.ini file and after that, I could order to reload mirc.ini file to enable those changes.
Posted By: RoCk Re: mirc.ini reloading - 20/07/07 05:17 PM
I would like to see this, although I would think it would be called /loadini to be counterpart to /saveini and reload all mIRC-related INI files. -removed-

~ Edit ~

Nevermind that last part, I realized that the lock options are stored in the Windows registry.
Posted By: Jigsy Re: mirc.ini reloading - 20/07/07 08:28 PM
Posted By: argv0 Re: mirc.ini reloading - 22/07/07 04:02 AM
The ideal solution is to make all settings that need to be changed changeable from a proper command, not having to edit the raw mirc.ini file yourself.

That said, this isn't a bad idea, seeing as commands for every single mirc.ini setting would be ridiculously complex
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