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on disconnect

Posted By: Netchelandorious

on disconnect - 17/12/02 09:54 PM

Some way to tell when the user disconnects VS when you are disconnected for any other reason?
I have a script that does reconnects on disconnect (I didn't like how mIRC handled it) but this
tries to reconnect even after I click on the disconnect button or type /quit
I tried the ON ERROR event, it's closer to what I want but still doesn't happen in precisely the
right circumstances.
Posted By: wyx

Re: on disconnect - 18/12/02 11:09 AM

hmmmmmmmmmm ...........
i stilll not understand with this.........
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: on disconnect - 18/12/02 08:27 PM

In what way do you want to reconnect that can't be managed by mIRC?
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