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The editor...

Posted By: Spola

The editor... - 25/03/03 03:31 PM

I don't really like the way mIRC rapes my code layout when i load it. It adds multiple spaces to places where i don't want them, and indents all code in brackets.

I would like mIRC to not do this. Sure, code indetation is handy, but better make it indent using tabs then (at least their size can be adjusted).

Or: when file chanes are noticed, it could auto-reload the file (option to do it), then i could edit in a decent editor.
Posted By: MonoSex

Re: The editor... - 25/03/03 08:12 PM

I agree, code indetation can be annoying sometimes, i'd like to see an option to turn it off..


Or: when file chanes are noticed, it could auto-reload the file (option to do it), then i could edit in a decent editor.

Threre's an option in 'options' editor popup - "monitor file changes".
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: The editor... - 25/03/03 09:41 PM

ok true it can get annoying ... but think if the editor didnt indent it .. and u forgot a bracket ....... with no indentation u might have to go thru ur entire mrc file or ini to find it ...... that lil indenting it does has caught me on forgetting to toss in an ending bracket more times than i can count and made it a life saver wondering sh!t what did i miss when it didnt work ...
Posted By: Spola

Re: The editor... - 26/03/03 08:59 PM

i want a switch.

Some of us (especially those who code in multiple languages) have an editor or something that they prefer to use. mIRC doesn't allow you to do that in a decent way.

What i want is an option to have Monitor File Changes auto reload the file (WITHOUT breaking the code layout).

That way we could edit our code in our favorite (UltraEdit rules all) text editor. I'm not sure about the tabs tho, but it shouldn't be hard for mIRC to ignore them (if they have a problem with them at all).
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: The editor... - 26/03/03 11:56 PM

Using a third party editor to script in mIRC seems pointless to me. Why use U-Edit for this when you then have to either reload the file or restart mIRC? The current mIRC script editor even has a limited form of error checking, namely missing braces and when you close it the new content in the file is already loaded into mIRC. What more do we need?

I could be wrong here but I am sure that most, if not all, language structures have some sort of correct (or commonly done) indentation method. It does in most cases make scripts easier to read. Nothing is worse than a script file full of pipes to try and avoid it. It makes the whole thing unreadable.

L334 is spelt L337 too. grin
Posted By: StriderGU

Re: The editor... - 27/03/03 01:30 AM

I love the auto indentation in mIRC. Miss it in Visual Studio C++.

But maybe be able to set up how the indention should work would be a nice addition to mIRC (in addition to syntax highlighting).
Posted By: nimper

Re: The editor... - 28/03/03 05:56 AM

Code indentation is a great tool. It helps you keep your brackets balanced.

And let's face it, code like:

alias blah {
if (!$istok(%nomsg,$1,255)) {
msg $1 $2-
echo -a You said $2- to $1

doesn't look good. I'd rather have

alias blah {
  if (!$istok(%nomsg,$1,255)) {
    msg $1 $2-
    echo -a You said $2- to $1-

Much cleaner than the first example.

Posted By: MonoSex

Re: The editor... - 28/03/03 03:53 PM

Ok, it's a great thing, but i'd like to use my own indentation style...
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: The editor... - 28/03/03 05:47 PM

You can, just don't use the mIRC editor to write/save your scripts.

Having indentation in the script editor is very useful since most scripters either have little or no coding experience - enforcing some simple formatting rules makes scripts a lot easier for everyone to read. Being able to choose your 'indentation style' would pretty much negate that.
Posted By: vague

Re: The editor... - 09/04/03 11:00 AM

Hmm, as long as you don't open the code in the mIRC editor it won't break your indendation style... but surely you use an editor decent enough that it allows you to have different indendation styles for different languages (www.textpad.com)? If all you want is a better automatic reload a small addon, like the one included in my TextPad mIRC Addons (come.to/vague), which does reloading transparently (i.e. without bothering you every time), will work decently. It's completly editor agnostic, in no way specifically tied to TextPad (Which the other stuff included with that file, macros and syntax highlighting files, are).

Coding with a decent editor, with decent syntax highlighting and all the editor features of such a tool (projects, advanced search'n'replace, ...) is, to a lot of people, preferable to using mIRC's very limited default editor. Your mileage might vary, as they say =)
Posted By: twigboy

Re: The editor... - 15/04/03 06:18 AM

hey u might be on to something there
variable coloring and stuff is a good idea!
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