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$var().secs and $ibl().secs or similar

Posted By: cold

$var().secs and $ibl().secs or similar - 28/12/06 11:05 PM

Just like $timer().secs, $ignore().secs and $hget().unset (the 'secs' and 'unset' properties make them return the number of seconds remaining until a timer/ignore/hash table item is unset)...

- $var().secs would be handy for dealing with the -uN parameter in /set, /inc and /dec;
- $ibl().secs or something similar (maybe $ban().secs, but that would be also a new identifier) could do the same thing related to /ban -uN.
Posted By: b1ink

Re: $var().secs and $ibl().secs or similar - 29/12/06 08:06 AM

The $var addition would be nice.
Posted By: Mardeg

Re: $var().secs and $ibl().secs or similar - 05/01/07 09:29 AM

great suggestion! This has my vote smile
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