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SSL Certificate Management

Posted By: RedXIII

SSL Certificate Management - 15/11/06 05:57 AM

i propse that some sort of certificate management be added. there should be a way to view the saved/approved certificates and delete specific certificates (instead of "clear history" button to delete all certificates), at least.
Posted By: Jae

Re: SSL Certificate Management - 25/11/06 04:04 PM

I believe this was mentioned before. I think its a good idea.
I also think it would be also good if you could create certificates and use /socklisten and have it create an SSL connection.
Posted By: tontito

Re: SSL Certificate Management - 05/12/06 02:12 PM

I have mentioned this on previous version after seeing ssl support for sockopen sockets.

Lets hope this gets some priority in the implementation queue smile
Posted By: deppy

Re: SSL Certificate Management - 03/01/07 10:53 PM

A lot of people on IRC keep suggesting having a client->server encryption method which sorta defeats the purpose of 2 people having private messages.

Other chat services have implemented a client->client encryption (which is where the encryption should be taking place so as to not DDOS servers from an SSL drone net). AIM actually does SSL without having to direct connect. The client simply tries to negotiate an SSL key exchange when you open an IM window. mIRC should be the same way, it should try to do a key exchange when a PRIVMSG window is opened to another user.
Posted By: Om3n

Re: SSL Certificate Management - 04/01/07 12:30 PM

I believe the current method works fine.

For privmsg (i assume you mean queries) it is simply not reasonable. The difference is that the message must travel through the server itself when talking on IRC (dcc's aside), where as IM clients establish direct connections (like dcc's).

On the original topic though, better certificate management would be useful, especially with the recent scriptability use of ssl in mirc.
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