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/links window suggestion

Posted By: landonsandor

/links window suggestion - 03/10/06 02:11 AM

How about making the /links window like the notify list window and make it multiserver and separated by network? You could also make it a universal window that is NOT network (for display purposes) dependant.

I didn't see anythign like this before so suggested it now. Forgive me if I didnt see it.
Posted By: Doqnach

Re: /links window suggestion - 03/10/06 07:48 AM

in what way should it be multiserver compatible?

you use the /links command to check all the servers of your currently active network... so you are saying you want to check the servers of all the networks you are connected to?
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: /links window suggestion - 03/10/06 02:44 PM

Im saying I want the display window to be able to handle multiple networks output and display it the same way the notify list works - nothing more
Posted By: NaquadaServ

Re: /links window suggestion - 15/10/06 02:18 AM

You inspired me to write a dcx treeview dialog that handles links (partly because I've not used dcx yet)... grin


Call the dialog and query all connected servers with "/xlinks" command. There is room for improvement, but it does work. smile
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: /links window suggestion - 15/10/06 05:29 PM

kewl, maybe I'll check it out smile It's nice to see things scripted out - hell, if nothing else, it could help khaled look at things differently and see how he might be able to add them in
Posted By: billythekid

Re: /links window suggestion - 15/10/06 06:32 PM

i had phazenet, undernet and dal.net opened in that order to check this out.

[7:28PM] -mesa.az.us.undernet.org- /LINKS has been disabled, from CFV-165. Visit ]http://www.undernet.org/servers.php
* /window: invalid parameters

in undernet server window. I do like how that shows up though, nice work NS
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