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/treebar command

Posted By: Hydro

/treebar command - 02/10/06 07:31 PM

Well, with the new addition of the Treebar to the IRC, I think it would be great to have more then one way to resize, or "mess" with the treebar.

With plenty of docking DLLs out there, it can cause a problem.

Besides, it just makes sense to have a command to control the treebar.

Plus, what about an option in the Options dialog, etc? I'm quite missing that!
Posted By: billythekid

Re: /treebar command - 03/10/06 10:47 PM

/help /treebar


also the options are there under display(i know, i know...)

Posted By: RusselB

Re: /treebar command - 03/10/06 10:59 PM

Hmm...when I try that command, I just get the Help Topics dialog, with /tray highlighted...since that's the closet item to /treebar that's in the help system.
Posted By: vexed

Re: /treebar command - 04/10/06 11:53 AM

Yeah, there is no /help treebar
Posted By: billythekid

Re: /treebar command - 04/10/06 07:19 PM

yeah i'm an idiot, i'll get the missus to flog me tonight as penance.

in reply to the OP however, there is documentation on /treebar in the whatsnew.txt (item 117)

apologies to all concerned.

btk blush
Posted By: Jigsy

Re: /treebar command - 04/10/06 09:05 PM

That's /toolbar
Posted By: RusselB

Re: /treebar command - 04/10/06 10:21 PM

Hmm...if it's a flogging per error, then I guess btk's now got another flogging coming... Then again if he's a masochist, he might be making these errors on purpose.. LOL
Posted By: billythekid

Re: /treebar command - 05/10/06 04:10 PM

my poor ascii blush wink wink
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