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script editor selection

Posted By: Dromedary

script editor selection - 12/08/06 03:04 AM

everyone knows the script editor needs severe help... but it's hard to deal with that when there always seems to be much better and more important things to fix.

for this reason, i think it would be a grand idea to have the ability to change your script editor to whatever you chose. lets say someone wants to use notepad, or microsoft word for some strange reason. the reason i think this is important is there are text editors made for programming such as emacs and SciTE that have syntax highlighting and all of the programming bells and whistles. you could get the benfits without actually needing to code them yourself.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: script editor selection - 12/08/06 03:32 AM

Technically there's nothing stopping a person from using whatever program they want for writing their scripts. Just remember that the scripts have to be saved in DOS text format (most programs that will handle this default to using a .txt extension)
Posted By: Rand

Re: script editor selection - 12/08/06 07:16 AM

Just like RusselB said, you can already create scripts using Notepad/TextEditor. Just as an example, when I'm helping someone write an easy script, I won't bother with putting it in my mIRC at all. I'll just write it on the board, and then they can copy/paste it and have it work.

The only difference is, if you're making changes to your script (with mIRC open, using your text editor), you will have to manually /reload (in mIRC), for the changes to take effect.

Where as, the script editor itself is built-in, and makes the changes automatically after you press the OK button. This is why most people beg for an updated "Scripts Editor"
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