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Posted By: coolspot

ON TABCOMP Idea - 10/08/06 10:31 PM

I searched the board and couldnt find this, but I think it would be an interesting addition to add a $tabkey(N) identifier (or something similar) that would return which additional keys are being held down whenever the TABCOMP event is triggered. If N = 0 the total amount of keys held down is returned. In this way you could make various snippets of code trigger based on key combinations with the TAB key. This could be useful to make tab do things other then just complete nicknames. (like spell checking, URL history, and even override CTRL+TAB etc..)

Posted By: Zerg

Re: ON TABCOMP Idea - 11/08/06 02:04 AM

you can already use the TAB+CTRL and TAB+SHIFT combination, using $mouse.key. as for other combinations... would it be that useful ? and why not add this to on INPUT too ?
Posted By: coolspot

Re: ON TABCOMP Idea - 11/08/06 04:04 AM

Adding the ability to check for key combinations could be used to invoke other actions like cycling through all the operators, voiced, non-voiced users to filter tabbing if your in a room with tons of users. Or to invoke spell checking on the current word/sentence. Overall, I think it would an editbox a bit more versitile by displaying information quickly (like pressing TAB+T to fill the editbox with the current channel topic. Putting the same feature to the on input event could be interesting as well... thats definately something to think about.
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