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Posted By: Mpdreamz /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 31/07/06 05:28 PM
Excuse me if this comes accross as rambling.

a /treebar and /switchbar command to change the default icons would be a very nice addition smile something like
/treebar -s "path/to/icon/file" to change the default icon for status windows in the treebar.

Adding to that state icons might be hot too i.e
-a node is active
-n normal (not active)

/treebar -as "path/to/icon/file" it will add that icon as the icon to display when that status window node is the active window. if no state switch is specified it will add it for all.

An option too kill the haslines style on the treebar in Display (and in the INI) would be lovely as well.

Another addition might be too set different fonts for the different types of windows. So forget previous syntax :tongue:

/switchbar|treebar [-<n|a><f|i|s> +<bui|csqpdNfa]|r] [<font fontsize|"path/to/icon/file"|styles>]

first set of switches:
-n normal state
-a active state
if none is specified done for both
-f set font
-i set icon
-s set style

font 2nd switches
b font is bold
u font is underlined
i font is italic

icon 2nd switches
c = custum window
s = status window
g = channel window
q = query window
d1 = dcc send
d2 = dcc recieve
d3 = dcc chat
f = fserv window

stles 2nd switches
r = reverses the style so "/treebar -s +r haslines" means no haslines

styles is a list of styles to set

such as "haslines hottrack" not all might apply
rest speaks for itself smile
Posted By: Mpdreamz Re: /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 01/08/06 10:05 PM
surely im not the only wanting this.. or am i ? smirk
Posted By: vexed Re: /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 02/08/06 04:57 PM
No, you've explained all the flags clearly and i think it's great idea smile
Posted By: poiuy_qwert Re: /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 02/08/06 11:53 PM

Note: Hello Mpdreamz!
Posted By: Mpdreamz Re: /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 03/08/06 01:03 PM
Heyaa poiuy smile not seen you release anything in a long while frown
Posted By: Mpdreamz Re: /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 05/08/06 06:34 PM
extending to the state icons:

-e event icon
-h highlight icon
-t "someone said something" icon
Posted By: tropperstyle Re: /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 29/05/07 09:36 AM
I would love this feature. Please seriously consider it. People try so hard to customize and make mIRC look nice. Now with the /toolbar command it is like a tease that we cannot change the classic switchbar icons
Posted By: NaquadaServ Re: /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 29/05/07 03:49 PM
Originally Posted By: Mpdreamz

font 2nd switches
b font is bold
u font is underlined
i font is italic


n font name is specified after font size

Edit: I suppose a switch isn't needed, if any text appears after the font size, then it's a font name.
Posted By: OuttaControlX Re: /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 03/06/07 10:00 PM
this is a great idea and i hope its released with the next mirc
Posted By: tropperstyle Re: /treebar & /switchbar Custum icons - 18/08/07 05:38 PM
Disappointed to see this wasn't released with 6.3 - hopefully you guys will consider it next time.
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