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}{ and )( Counter

Posted By: Kurdish_Assass1n

}{ and )( Counter - 30/07/06 12:30 AM

ok, this is really hard to say, so, please, try and stay with me laugh.
I'm thinking of something that coun's how many ) and ('s you have, For Example: (Script may not make sense, just making one as an example)
$replace($gettok(whatever here,2,32),$findtok($gettok($left.................and so on 

trust me, sometimes it can get that far, and, most of the times, I miscount the amount of ('s, so, let's say if I have this:
then, it would have 1 at the top (it can change at any time), or, lets' say I have
it would be -1, so, 0 is the balanced number, so,

*NOTE:* everytime I type a ( or a ) it changes, ( = postive 1, ) = negative 1.
understand, please try and stick with me, it's really hard to say.
maybe the same thing for } and { as well, who knows laugh
Posted By: OrionsBelt

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 30/07/06 12:44 AM

Yeah, I would also love to see that kind of stuff.
But all we got is a minimise and maximise button with this new release frown

But hey, perhaps once in the distant future Khaled will take another look at his scripts editor.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 30/07/06 12:54 AM

I admit it would be nice, but frankly I'd be almost as happy with something similar to the { } button but for ( )
Click it and it shows if there's a mismatch.
Posted By: hixxy

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 30/07/06 12:58 AM

Same, but () mismatches will more than likely be quite hard to detect programmatically. It will need a "brain" so that things like echo -a ())()()((((((()) aren't detected.
Posted By: kristnjov

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 30/07/06 02:11 PM

There are tons of editors that have this feature, it wouldn't need a brain.
Posted By: hixxy

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 30/07/06 02:13 PM

Most editors are also for languages that use quoted strings. It's harder to make one for mIRC's scripting language.
Posted By: cold

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 31/07/06 01:37 AM

Maybe it could be a button that checks only what's inside a selection. I don't see a feature like this being as useful as the "{}" button, but people could find some use for it.
Posted By: Mpdreamz

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 31/07/06 05:33 PM

i much rather see the time spent on this on all the other improvements to the editor like allowing tab key to indent code *sighs* ill be the happiest geek when that will be added :P
Posted By: OrionsBelt

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 31/07/06 05:40 PM

* Signed

(once again)
Posted By: cold

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 01/08/06 12:30 AM

Well, I'm kinda used to use TAB to reach the OK button, but yeah, I agree there are more improvements that could be pursued first.
Posted By: Dromedary

Re: }{ and )( Counter - 08/08/06 03:52 PM

this is my most desired feature, and has been ever since i started scripting.

in most (by a long shot at that) modern day program editors, there is a feature similar to this. some program editors even will color your brackets for you so that you can tell which one you're closing specifically and makes reading a sea of parenthesis much easier. some of the less advanced ones will momentarily bold the parenthesis you closed every time you press ). it does not take any kind of special programming stuff or a brain even, because using an extra ) in something would cause an error with the script usually. in the rare event that it does cause a problem, i think it will be easy to figure out.
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