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Treebar options (v6.2)

Posted By: MKamermans

Treebar options (v6.2) - 29/07/06 12:56 PM

While the new treebar is a nice feature, it would be nice if it had its own configuration section in the mirc display options.

I personally would rather like to see my channels, chats and dccs grouped but in one big list, rather than each window type under its own grouping node, to save space I need to allocate for the treebar to be useful. I was thinking adding options such as the following in its own configuration dialog might be worth it:

treebar options:
[x] enable grouping:
....[x] networks
....[x] channels
....[x] et cetera
[x] show window-type pictogram

[x] sort networks on:
....[x] order of connect
....[x] alphabetical order

I'm sure other people might have more options they'd like configurable, for now these are the only ones I'd like to see.

- Pomax
Posted By: Zerg

Re: Treebar options (v6.2) - 29/07/06 03:58 PM

you can already merge channels, private windows, etc. in a single group. right click in the treebar, then click on "Use folders".
Posted By: MKamermans

Re: Treebar options (v6.2) - 30/07/06 07:11 AM

true, but this is just a single flag, I'd still rather see a configuration entry in the options that allows for that, and a few more configurable options.
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