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Compiled mIRC scripts

Posted By: DremthB

Compiled mIRC scripts - 12/06/06 02:44 PM

I think there should be compiled mIRC scripts so no one can see the contents of the script and what it does. Or I think you should be able to lock your script with a password so no one can view the script unless they enter a password.
It would also be cool to be able to compress images, sounds, text files, etc and embed them into the scripts, so if a script needs images or sounds or whatever they are all in one easy file.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Compiled mIRC scripts - 12/06/06 03:21 PM

The ability to abuse such a feature would far far far outweigh any use it would supply. If you're worried about people ripping your code then don't release it, that has always been the way for mIRC scripts, and I doubt any feature will ever be introduced to circumvent users' ability to read what they load into their mIRCs.

Posted By: MikeChat

Re: Compiled mIRC scripts - 12/06/06 04:57 PM

I doubt you would want to embed images in a script, as they are then loaded in active memory. You might have 1.5gig of ram available on your system, but I woulld guess it would still have an impact.
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: Compiled mIRC scripts - 12/06/06 08:54 PM

my opinion of this is simple - I would distrust ANY script that was hidden like this. There is NO code THAT valuable that it needs protecting and point blank, if I cant read the code to see what's going on, I wouldnt even bother with the script (even if it came from a trusted source).

Call it paranoia if you want to, but I'll be paranoid while somebody else has a system wide virus that destroys their data - or worse and yes, that is all I see coming out of "locked script files".
Posted By: Mpdreamz

Re: Compiled mIRC scripts - 12/06/06 09:31 PM

I dont share your fear for compiled scripts: just as people shouldn't load up unknown exe files the same would apply to a compiled script. Alot of security features could be build into the compiler such as only allowing file handling (deleting/modifying) on files in $scriptdir and subfolders, no external file loading etc etc but even so a C++ build exe file could be just as malicious as a compiled mIRC Script.

Now that's all im going to say as creating a mIRC Script compiler is a massive task on its own and i wonder if someone can even bother.
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: Compiled mIRC scripts - 13/06/06 04:24 PM

It's not a fear of abuse, it's a known history of abuse with features. The abuse of the past has been proven time and again wont stop. People take what Khaled writes and warps it - not EVERYBODY, I know, but still. People who have been on this board and/or used mirc for a number of years has run into this situation time and time again. All Im saying is that IF this is done, *I* wont ever use a compiled script. if others want to, it's on them but if their computer breaks due to malicious coding, you know what would happen:

"X" Broke my PC

"Did you use a compiled script?"

"Yes, but I trusted the source"

"Your loss. You were warned over and over not to use it and you did" (or)

"Sorry, there's nothing we can do. You have to know what you're using can be dangerous and assume responsibility for your own actions. While we (as the mirc board) regret your results, we can not help you at all."

This is one feature I hope doesnt get implemented though if it does, I hope, almost fruitlessly, that people will use common cents when mucking around with this stuff.
Posted By: basicer

Re: Compiled mIRC scripts - 14/06/06 07:37 PM

I have writen code that lets you compress images into your scripts. Youll need to recode $decode to use it though, becuase its turned off by default.


I beleive some one else addapted that code to include a dialog interface to packing.
Posted By: NaquadaServ

Re: Compiled mIRC scripts - 17/06/06 06:17 PM

Here's my two cents... Forget compiled script (there are so many better features to add)... Instead, join the wonderful world of DLL writing for mIRC. wink
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