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Posted By: NighTTripper mIRC Help - 24/04/06 03:56 AM
It would be nice if mIRC Help had context sensitive search on the "Index" instead of going to the top of the index you activate.
Posted By: symphony Re: mIRC Help - 24/04/06 07:42 AM
Been suggested before to add bullets to mirc.hlp. No idea if Khaled is willing to add this feature yet.
Posted By: hixxy Re: mIRC Help - 24/04/06 02:56 PM
In an email Khaled said he wasn't sure how to do that with the help compiler he has. Also, it'd take a hell of a lot of work to anchor the whole help file, so don't get your hopes up.
Posted By: MiSsInGnO Re: mIRC Help - 01/05/06 11:34 AM
Well, I guess my next suggestion has already been answered then... but:

Maybe it would be a good thing to drop the HLP help format and change to the new CHM format. Both offer free tools to work with them (compilers, workshops, etc.).
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