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Setting BackGround To Nicklist

Posted By: Commander_Acid

Setting BackGround To Nicklist - 18/02/06 01:35 PM

I would really love to see user's being able to set a background to the nicklist, it would save alot of scripters having to create one so they can set it to go with there scripts theme and it would be a great feature, im not to sure if someone has already asked about this or if its part of the next version of mIRC. i just think it would be nice as you can set a background everywhere else but there lol cool
Posted By: Jigsy

Re: Setting BackGround To Nicklist - 18/02/06 04:13 PM


I'd like to be able to re-order the nick list because I'm really used to mIRC v6.03's ordering ...

Its confusing having [bracketnick] ]bracketnicktwo[ above a nick that begins with A

(/me awaits criticism)
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