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Keeping consecutive spaces

Posted By: ThiefMaster

Keeping consecutive spaces - 18/02/06 08:55 AM

For mirc 6.16 there exists an DLL to do this: http://www.mirc.net/projects.php?go=1117627884

In mirc 6.17 this DLL doesn't work, the lines echoed through it don't appear anywehere, which makes this version useless for me since i show notices from network services in the active window on this way.

Are there any plans to add a function in a newer mirc version to get native support for that?
Not everyone wants multiple spaces to be eaten...
Posted By: FiberOPtics

Re: Keeping consecutive spaces - 18/02/06 11:20 AM

This has probably been requested, oh I dunno, a zillion times? grin

Khaled is aware of this feature suggestion, so it's either very far away on his todo list, or he simply doesn't want to implement it. If anything you should be contacting Saturn to ask if he can do an update to his DLL so that it works with mIRC 6.17 instead of the other way round, as that will more than likely give you a quicker solution.
Posted By: Sat

Re: Keeping consecutive spaces - 18/02/06 11:20 AM

I've patched the DLL to support 6.17, I'll upload it as soon as I can. As a sidenote, this is why your script should check whether the DLL is actually loaded (with the 'loaded' function) and fall back on normal /echo if it isn't; see the README for details.

Needless to say, I agree with your feature suggestion. (link. yes I know, I keep repeating this ad nauseam)
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