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Posted By: symphony

$hpath() - 17/02/06 10:53 AM

Hello, many scripters use hash tables, I had this idea in mind $hpath()
Q: What is $hpath() ?
A: as we use hash tables, we make them /hmake , save them /hsave <path to file>.
Now here comes my idea $hpath(table) will return c:\mIRC\hashtablesdata\tabledata.hash

I believe it will be useful.

Posted By: hixxy

Re: $hpath() - 17/02/06 11:07 AM

Not a bad idea but I think it would be better suited as a property of $hget. $hget().path, for example. I also think it should derive from /hload rather than /hsave.
Posted By: ClickHeRe

Re: $hpath() - 17/02/06 11:57 AM

a table is not linked with it's originating data being a file or simply /hadd commands. That would require Khaled to add extra book keeping which I think he won't for that purpose.
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