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identifier for editbox history

Posted By: Talon

identifier for editbox history - 13/02/06 08:21 AM

we all know that an editbox has a history. you can use up or down to browse through things that were previously typed, but why not have an identifier that can return these inputted lines of text? $EHistory(#mIRC,1,1)

x defines which edit box, if left blank, it assumes the main, else it assumes its the second edit box in a channel.
Posted By: DaveC

Re: identifier for editbox history - 13/02/06 11:47 AM

Not a bad idea, cant really think of a use for it, but the data is stored in mirc, why not let us have access to it.

I once wrote something that pulled that data out, but it was messy at best, i think it used a key press generator to up arrow to the value, then a timer to read the contents, becuase the uparrows had to complete, so i had to timer wait for them etc etc, was gonna post it, but i cant find it, cant even remeber what i wrote it for, something someone asked for i think, was pretty lame really.
Posted By: Talon

Re: identifier for editbox history - 14/02/06 05:43 AM

I have a working version but it only keeps track of 50 entries.. it uses an on *:input:*: to store the entries in a hash table. I shoulda posted i got a viable working solution to most of these posts but it would be much faster if it were built in rather than scripted.. compiled code is better
Posted By: DaveC

Re: identifier for editbox history - 15/02/06 04:53 AM

OH i never expected your were looking for a work around, it wouldnt take much to make a ON INPUT that records every single command entered ever and from where etc etc.
But even if u did that doesnt help when the purpose of the script thats running might be a one off execution, as it wont have any on input to use, as you have said an internal identifier would be very much nicer idea.
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