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mdx ?

Posted By: raZOR

mdx ? - 27/06/05 02:09 AM

any chance khaled could implemt (hope that is way to spell it) mdx features(controls) in mirc by default as we have some dialog controls now with easy (noob) explaniary help ?
Posted By: bamaboy1217

Re: mdx ? - 27/06/05 04:18 AM

possibly but i doubt it, highly... one of the erasons khaled probably didnt add most fo the views in the first place was due to their complexity pertaining to bringing them into a scripting lanaguage, same goes with several other of the controls though i woudl like to personally see the up down controls though with some pain and suffering that can be scripted with buttons, an editbox, and some regex lol and id like to see the trackbar at the very least the tree views and listviews would be nice but are just very complex (though mdx does a nice job with them) and i doubt khaled will take the time to add those; howeve,r who knows? lol
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: mdx ? - 27/06/05 11:42 AM

Khaled promised extra dialog controls would appear in mIRC, but that was way back in the 5.xx versions.
Posted By: Scrypter

Include - 30/06/05 01:22 AM

I'm brazilian and no speak english right...
Include mdx.dll in mIRC, no download of the DLL!!! :tongue:
Posted By: NaquadaServ

Re: Include - 30/06/05 04:49 AM

Yeah, you don't speak english. smile

Also agree, with bamaboy1217, Treeview and listview are essential. And a more "mIRC way" of doing it is like this...
dialog [-l] name {
  ; pre-stuff
  listview	id, columns, x y w h, style  (options)
  treeview     id, x y w h, style (options)
;for listview: /didline -rad $dname $did token [ item + token + item, etc... ]
;for treeview: /didline -rad $dname $did "location" Text
;Options: -r: replace, -a: add, -d: delete
;"location" == simular to MDX "0 1 4 2" (in quotes)....
Posted By: bamaboy1217

Re: Include - 30/06/05 02:42 PM

true however what about the other types of list views? group views icon support etc it brings a bunch of new stuff that mIRC doesnt current support i see a very buggy release in our future if that comes into play...

youd haveta have like

reportview 1, x, y, w, h, style
iconview 2, x, y, w, h, style
treeview 3, x, y, w, h, style

then like on *:init just like mdx
did -(some switch thats not taken that can mean columns) $dname $did col1 col2 col3
but even then theres soo many options like left align right align cent align the list goes on it would be a lot for khaled to tackle imo though i think treeview wouldnt be quite as bad at first to implement.

while what your suggesting is functional its the mere basics and really hardly provides more features than a regular list box so if khaled was going to add them it come with additions to many of the identifiers in place and be a major undertaken to support all the options people will want...
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