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Posted By: Gamersad

/onotice - 25/06/05 08:01 AM

Well, there is /onotice, which is very handy.. and i know you can do /notice +#chan <text> on some IRCd's but one intergrated into mIRC for all "known" status's would be very nice.. I am pretty sure this is a mIRC command and not IRCd related not sure... But the only issue i guess there would be is, there is such a difference in status for differnt IRCd's. Unreal uses ~&@%+, some places use !&@%+, some dont include halfop, some dont include ~. its hard to tell really, but if we could make something that would relay the text to just the "owner(s)" and voices and up, sort of a staff notice.. that would be pretty cool..

Also an.. isowner and isprotect would be nice to go along with isop and isvoice.
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: /onotice - 25/06/05 11:45 AM

Also an.. isowner and isprotect would be nice to go along with isop and isvoice.

isowner exists already, it's an undocumented operator.
isprotect also exists, but I doubt it does what you want. /help isprotect
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: /onotice - 25/06/05 01:58 PM

As you mentioned, mIRC has absolutely no way of knowing what modes match with what names besides those which are particularly common (ie. voice and op). The only dynamic way is to use /notice [color:red]<prefixes-here>#channel[/color].

The same goes for is[color:red]<mode-name>[/color] operators. Instead of trying (and no doubt often failing) to correctly match any and every mode prefix on a server to a mode name, it makes far more sense to just use $nick() which can accept mode prefixes to check if someone has a given mode.
Posted By: Stealth

Re: /onotice - 25/06/05 05:45 PM

Also, for IRCd's that don't support <prefix>#channel noticing, it is easy to make a little script to find the users that you want, and make a multi-target string, like: /notice nick1,nick2,nick3,etc message
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