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Scrollbar Customization?

Posted By: PhantasyX

Scrollbar Customization? - 29/03/05 12:57 AM

I search for "Scroll" in Subjects, and I didn't see anything that was related to what I want to suggest, I think?

Well, As you read the topic, I was thinking maybe we could get more scrollbar customization if possible? Like be able to change colors, or change the appearance of it? Anyone else think this might be a good idea?
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Scrollbar Customization? - 29/03/05 01:17 AM

Yeah, I do like this feature. I think perhaps to call the customizing from a command /scrollbar or something. IMO I don't think this will be added but I'd love to see a DLL that could enhance scrollbars the way CSS implements it.

alias scroll {
  scrollbar $1 $2

scrollbar commands

scrollbar face $rgb(n,n,n)
scrollbar highlight $rgb(n,n,n)
scrollbar shadow $rgb(n,n,n)
scrollbar 3dlight $rgb(n,n,n)
scrollbar arrow $rgb(n,n,n)
scrollbar track $rgb(n,n,n)
scrollbar shadow $rgb(n,n,n)

I'd love to see this implemented. Just my ideas. :smile
Posted By: nalAAlan

Re: Scrollbar Customization? - 30/03/05 03:28 AM

soul_eater made a dll for mts2.0 that does this
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