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Posted By: Yochai /remini -n - 17/03/05 09:15 AM
Hmm remini just doesn't work with large .ini files.
I've tried it on a 90 Kb .ini file, and kept getting an error saying the file is to big.
So I think it would be nice to have the -n switch like /writeini has. (or make them both work with large .ini files as default)
Posted By: qwerty Re: /remini -n - 17/03/05 12:27 PM
Did you actually try /remini -n ? It already exists, it's just not documented.
Posted By: Yochai Re: /remini -n - 19/03/05 06:50 PM
well it didn't work well, some times worked, somtimes didn't remove the requested section.
if the section was too large it just didn't work..
Posted By: Yochai Re: /remini -n - 19/03/05 11:29 PM
Oh well, forget it...
It works now for some reason..
I decided to give it a forth try and it suddenly works smirk
Posted By: DaveC Re: /remini -n - 20/03/05 12:08 AM
I get that when ever a hp support tech turns up, the damn hardware starts working again.
Posted By: Jae Re: /remini -n - 21/03/05 03:34 AM
Yea if only my internet worked then i could reply to your message.. Oh hang on, my connection suddently started working as i *finally* got through to my isp's support line.. i share your pain. ;p~
Posted By: DaveC Re: /remini -n - 21/03/05 07:17 AM
oddly enough the last 3 times my net went down, i rang the ISP and they checked the modem, and said it was fine, just as they check it it comes back up, notice a pattern there?
Posted By: Jae Re: /remini -n - 21/03/05 08:14 PM
yeah! coffe sounds good smile
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