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"Lite" version of mIRC for "Scripts"

Posted By: EmiZ

"Lite" version of mIRC for "Scripts" - 13/03/05 01:45 AM

It will be cool if Khaled releases a "Lite" verision of mIRC, without some of the integrated things (Options Dialog, Links, Notify, etc) and some extended features (like changing the options from /commands, a console with all the raw irc data (instead of channels, status, etc windows)), that allow us (the scripters) to customize the functionality of mIRC. It will be great, per example, if we can script our own "client". mIRC Scripting Engine it's great... and will be cool if we can use (and abuse) of it, to make a "client" using mIRC.
So... the only thing needed is commands for "everything" and less "dialogs" and "integrated stuff"... I think that mIRC executable will be a lot smaller and sexier to us...

In resume, mIRC Lite will be the main window, a console window (for debugging, etc), and the mIRC Scripts Engine...

mIRC is cool, has a very nice friendly interface, but... mIRC Scripting Engine is cool!
Posted By: Armada

Re: "Lite" version of mIRC for "Scripts" - 13/03/05 09:45 AM

Use mIRC script to script a client? Are you aware that what you said is redundent(sp?) Thats like saying I want to build a car inside another car. mIRC Scripting isnt meant to rule the world, its simply meant to build upon the client. More commands via command line would be nice. But a "lite" version I see no point. Khaled already has his time spent on making the main client great, imagine if he split the time to make a lite and a normal mirc.
Posted By: DaveC

Re: "Lite" version of mIRC for "Scripts" - 13/03/05 09:49 AM

Quick hop in the mini car and drive me into the backseat, im not sure if i buckled the kids in.
Posted By: FiberOPtics

Re: "Lite" version of mIRC for "Scripts" - 13/03/05 10:54 AM

lmao Dave grin
Posted By: Mentality

Re: "Lite" version of mIRC for "Scripts" - 13/03/05 12:30 PM

It is highly unlikely this will occur. It has been suggested before that other versions of mIRC are released, like "bot versions" and, indeed, "lite" versions.

If Khaled hasn't got the time to port mIRC to other operating systems then he most likely doesn't have time to make lite versions of mIRC - it's not as easy as just deleting the DCC section of the code, the options dialog, and hey presto we have a lite mIRC. This would produce a whole bunch of other bug reports and (kind of ironically) feature suggestions.

Posted By: EmiZ

Re: "Lite" version of mIRC for "Scripts" - 14/03/05 12:15 AM

ohhh... I understand :3
Posted By: RuFy

Re: "Lite" version of mIRC for "Scripts" - 20/03/05 12:40 AM

There are Dlls to make your mIRC fully customizable. grin
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