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Double $$

Posted By: Nakis

Double $$ - 15/02/03 02:21 PM

from mirc.hlp:
The double $$ means that this command will only be executed if a parameter is specified.

i think that it would be pretty handfull if we could specify a command to be executed, if the requested parameter was $null (something like $iif).
Posted By: nimper

Re: Double $$ - 16/02/03 06:25 PM

I think you pretty much solved your own problem. Just use $iif.

Posted By: Nem3sis

Re: Double $$ - 18/02/03 05:57 PM


I'd use $iif($blah,$ifmatch,bleh) as in most cases the $blah is more like $blah($bloh($blih),$bluh).bleh laugh
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