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Posted By: JoeDaddy

Apply - 13/10/04 02:50 PM

I did some searching but don't want to spend a whole
lot of time searching for it. I found some results for
adding Apply button for the script editor but not for
mIRC options .. this would be a nice addition instead
of having to click the Ok button and then re-open
mIRC options .. I know it's not a huge deal and maybe
I'm being a bit lazy .. but it would still be nice. smile
Posted By: Hrung

Re: Apply - 13/10/04 09:04 PM

This is a good suggestion, though the delivery could use some work wink

An apply button for the mirc options would be great.
Posted By: bamaboy1217

Re: Apply - 13/10/04 09:05 PM

well i hate to bust ur bubble but there is one smile int he top right corner of tthe editor theres a button that looks like {} and it checks for bracket errors as well as applies the current code without u having to hit ok smile
Posted By: JoeDaddy

Re: Apply - 13/10/04 09:07 PM

re-read .. I said mIRC options dialog .. not script editor.
the bubble remains intact .. thank you & have a nice day wink
Posted By: zack

Re: Apply - 14/10/04 03:55 PM

You cannot do anything with mIRC whilst the options dialog is open anyway. You have to press OK to continue.
Posted By: Danthemandoo

Re: Apply - 14/10/04 04:25 PM

what exactly would the apply button do? you would have to script the events to the click of the apply button, so why not just create a button and name it apply?
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Apply - 14/10/04 09:38 PM

He's talking about the Options dialog (Alt+O), not a custom dialog.
Posted By: Danthemandoo

Re: Apply - 14/10/04 11:07 PM

my mistake blush
Posted By: Hrung

Re: Apply - 15/10/04 12:10 AM

Say you change the timestamp format, but you want to change other stuff before you hit ok. an apply button would make the timestamp changes take place right away, so events happening in the background are timestamped according to your new settings while you go off and do something else in the options. just an example, but i think it demonstrates that there are valid reasons for wanting an apply button in the options dialog.
Posted By: RoCk

Re: Apply - 03/06/07 02:37 PM

It's been a while (20 months) since I suggested this, any chance for it?
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Apply - 03/06/07 04:51 PM

If and when it gets done, it will be in the list of updates for the version in which it is initially applicable. Khaled has never stated what features are going to be implemented and/or when until the actual release. Occasionally Khaled will state if a bug report will be fixed for the next release,, but that's it.
Posted By: Om3n

Re: Apply - 04/06/07 07:10 AM

I usually just hit ctrl+s and leave the editor open.
Posted By: RoCk

Re: Apply - 04/06/07 12:37 PM

The suggestion isn't for the editor, it's for the options dialog.

RusselB: I know all that, I was basically just bumping the (almost 2 year old) thread.
Posted By: Om3n

Re: Apply - 04/06/07 01:53 PM

Right you are, didnt read the original post correctly. Probably because i have a habit of just glancing when somebody hits enter every few words (such an annoying irc-habit imo).

Anyway, not apposed to an apply button, but i dont think their are many options (in comparison with the amount of options their are), that you would immediately notice when hitting apply.
Posted By: MeStinkBAD

Re: Apply - 09/06/07 08:07 AM

I think the purpose is just to immediatly save the settings... the options dialog needs a complete overhall anyhow.
Posted By: RoCk

Re: Apply - 09/06/07 02:53 PM

Originally Posted By: YouStinkBAD
I think the purpose is just to immediatly save the settings...

...without having to reopen the dialog. Exactly. smile
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