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/hsort or /hsorttok

Posted By: thereal_flipper

/hsort or /hsorttok - 05/02/03 06:27 AM

Im looking at making an /hsort command, sytax would be
/hsorttok -adl <table> <totable> <tokenseperator> <token>

the -a would specify acending, and d would specify , l would specify alpha charaters decending

<table> being the table to sort and store in new table <totable>
ordered by the N specified for <token>

so a logical statement would be

/hsorttok -d scores top10 32 1
where the table contents are
<nick>|<wins> <credits> <etc....>

this would return the top10 results based on the N token and store it in the new table
Posted By: Spola

Re: /hsort or /hsorttok - 08/02/03 10:58 AM

/filter has a switch (i believe it's the -t) that does something like that.

I'm sure that with a bit of imagination you could get there wink
Posted By: Gon_

Re: /hsort or /hsorttok - 08/02/03 01:49 PM

I think a /hsort command, that sorts the hash table items, alphabeticaly or numericaly would be great. I have often needed this, and it's better and faster than saving a hashtable to a file and then /loadbuf to a window.

Maybe also:

/hcopy <from table> <to table>
/hrename <old name> <new name>
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