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Posted By: jmlsteele

Auto Update - 24/07/04 08:36 PM

A good feature would be the ability for registered users,and maybe unregged users as well, to automatically update their mIRC client from inside of mIRC. Just an idea.

Posted By: Jae

Re: Auto Update - 24/07/04 09:29 PM

Not a bad idea. Anyone know of a batch file way?
*flutters eyes*

Posted By: Coolkill

Re: Auto Update - 24/07/04 10:21 PM

Have a look, here the same would apply to 'your' idea.

Posted By: Coolkill

Re: Auto Update - 24/07/04 10:25 PM

There are many scripts (that can be found via the resources on this website, here in the 'Scripting section' that will on start/whatever, check if a newer version exists and tell you, some might even download the actual install file, however i doubt any will actually install it.

Due to the fact it would take a while to "navigate" the install and also its recommended previous versions of mIRC not be running while installing newer ones (due to the fact they use the same directory), a "script" couldnt do it.

A batch file, can be run, but would only be able to load the install file, not complete it and mirc can do this anyway, via /run and simply /exit after it.. so that wouldnt work.

Posted By: Cyrex

Re: Auto Update - 25/07/04 03:12 AM

What's so hard about doing:

/run www.mirc.com/get.html
Posted By: Ddan

Re: Auto Update - 29/07/04 12:09 AM

that just isnt cool :P
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