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Posted By: dmneoblade Better File Recieving - 18/06/04 04:01 AM
Hey, I found something that really irritated me with mIRC. You see, I like to leave my chat, and sometimes downloads, running in the background while I do other things. However, if my computer locks up while downloading something big, I loose all the data that I have downloaded so far.

I would like it changed to directly write the data to the disk, or mabye set up a 'autosave' feature, that writes the newly downloaded data to the disk every X minutes/MB.

I have 'lost' almost a gigabyte of data to this problem over the last few months. Please fix it!
Posted By: Online Re: Better File Recieving - 18/06/04 05:26 AM
Try the Flush Files option.
Posted By: PastMaster Re: Better File Recieving - 18/06/04 06:50 AM
I would hate to see this feature added. mIRC is primarily a chat client, and is not designed to handle large files of the kind that you need to leave downloading in the background for extended periods (unless you are on a very slow modem, I suppose, but I'd hate to see your phone bill if you're d/líng gigabytes that way).


Posted By: Mentality Re: Better File Recieving - 18/06/04 11:59 AM
I agree with PastMaster completely. Whilst you specifically may not be doing anything illegal (I do realise there are legitimate reasons to download large files), now that mIRC is such a hugely popular program the masses have to be taken into consideration.

The board policy here states that we don't help with mass/illegal file trading, many #mIRC help channels across IRC back this message up and Khaled in his personal FAQ states that he doesn't approve of the illegal uses mIRC is made to be a part of. Now that all of this is said, to then go and improve upon the ability to receive files may seem a little odd even if the intention is to improve receiving for legitimate users.

The DCC Protocol is known to be not exactly perfect for receiving files. I've personally never had a problem with it, someone sent me 7 pictures of their house once at the same time and they all came through fine. However, some people do have issues, and often it's because their downloading huge files, often from XDCC bots or FServes, and this trend is growing. Personally, I'd rather not see mIRC contribute to this growth smile

And the Flush Files option that Online suggested sounds like it should, in part, help you with what you're experiencing.

My 2 cents.

Posted By: cmad Re: Better File Recieving - 19/06/04 05:14 AM
mIRC is chat client; chat as in talk, not as in sending around files. Ok since DCC is already there, there's no use deleting it. But if you wanna download, download through a utility.
Posted By: Seifer Re: Better File Recieving - 20/06/04 04:07 AM
I couldn't agree with you more, I have a suggestion (it will probably upset a lot of people) which is to add a file size limit to the DCC function. Only allowing a max. of a 5mb file to be sent for example and having it return a error if the file size is larger.
Posted By: Nodren Re: Better File Recieving - 20/06/04 07:26 AM
yes we would like to see that happen, but unfortunately the DCC protocal is really easy to figure out, and is just as easy to script in mIRC itself, and completely work around that(and trust me, it will be scripted)

which is probably why the DCC option stays, and isnt added to or taken away from, cause any new idea will just influence it more and any idea taken away will just be re instated via scripting.

I think it sucks too, but unfortunately warez and mIRC will go together. but look on the bright side, most warez channels are moving to FTP instead of fserve/xdcc bots, so things are moving more towards IRC for warez instead of mIRC.
Posted By: Narusegawa_Naru Re: Better File Recieving - 20/06/04 04:52 PM
The problem with a limit is what limit to choose. 5bm is nowhere nearly enough. I have at least 3 projects that ive worked on that were far in excess of that limit. I use irc to send betas to folks to test it for me.

Personally (and this is just my opinion) I dont see where its the responsibility of mIRC to take on the "warez" pirates of the world. Also i dont see why others should be denied an option or feature because someone may use it improperly.
Posted By: qwerty Re: Better File Recieving - 20/06/04 07:26 PM
My thoughts exactly.
Posted By: cold Re: Better File Recieving - 24/06/04 04:10 AM
Completely agreed.
While extreme filesharing is beyond mIRC, the feature that makes it possible (DCC sending) is also a feature for legitimate use of many people that should be prioritized.
That said, extreme caretaking on this issue is out of place as well. mIRC is simply a tool, like many others.

My personal opinions, of course
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