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/drawsave an .png

Posted By: Attila

/drawsave an .png - 11/06/04 12:32 PM

i want to drawsave an png but it don't exists and i can't find a dll to convert bmp in png
Posted By: greeny

Re: /drawsave an .png - 11/06/04 03:02 PM

i'd like that too. what i do right now to save space is use $compress and $decompress, they greatly reduce the size of most .bmps.
Posted By: CtrlAltDel

Re: /drawsave an .png - 11/06/04 07:59 PM

If you don't mind going outside mirc to convert, there's great freeware program called IrfanView that converts most image formats to most any other format just by saving them.
Posted By: psycogod

Re: /drawsave an .png - 12/06/04 03:27 PM

if you are just wanting a smaller file size you can always do "/drawsave @window file.jpg", by using a .jpg extension mirc will automatically save the file in jpg format. i hope this helps.
Posted By: greeny

Re: /drawsave an .png - 12/06/04 04:00 PM

jpg reduces the quality of the file though smirk
Posted By: Online

Re: /drawsave an .png - 12/06/04 06:11 PM

Iori's $gif2png() uses IrfanView for conversion and can be modified easily to take BMPs instead of GIFs. I just thought it's worth mentioning...
Posted By: Attila

Re: /drawsave an .png - 13/06/04 08:40 PM

I want a png because i need to use a 255,0,255 value to set the transparency (jpg don't work with it) and bitmap is tooooooooooo big (houla, mon anglais lol) for send it by sockets
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