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Posted By: Online

Passive DCC - 07/06/04 04:53 AM

I would like to raise an old DCC issue which has been bugging mIRC users for ages: mIRC lacks Passive DCC support, which makes it difficult for many users to initiate DCC chat/send sessions.

The details are already covered in this thread, so there's no need to repeat them here. It also has a sample script file that shows how a passive session should work.

Passive DCC should be very easy to implement, since it already exists in mIRC, and it's only the plain command/popup that is missing.

[My proposed syntax: /dcc psend|pchat ...]

Thanks laugh
Posted By: Rounin

Re: Passive DCC - 08/06/04 02:31 AM

I agree. I frequently send passive DCC sends to mIRC users, and it would be nice if mIRC users could do the same thing, saving everyone from having to go through setting up DCC servers.
Posted By: root66

Re: Passive DCC - 10/06/04 10:54 PM

I agree, but I can see where it raises an issue of importance among irc afficianados. Many people feel that doing things that are not implemented by the server (and therefore only by mirc in most cases) should remain scripted and separate. I know a lot of people who balked at the idea of mirc having a DCC server at all, especially since it poses an undeniable "social engineering" threat.

Does anyone know anything about the GET protocol for the dcc server? The documentation suggests that a more plausable passive method is available, but I am not sure if it has been implemented or how it works. Is it for fserve only?
Posted By: Online

Re: Passive DCC - 11/06/04 12:28 AM

The help file (under /help dcc server protocol) notes that Get is resricted to File Server requests.

These steps demonstrate the use of the Get protocol:
  1. Alt+O >> DCC >> Fserve; Select a folder.
  2. Open a listening port: /dccserver +f on 59
  3. Connect to your File Server: /dcc fserve
  4. Browse the folder by typing DIR
  5. Ask for a file while initiating a Get request at the same time: GET filename
There's no easy way to initiate Passive DCC, unless you use vague's workaround. That's why this thread is here laugh
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