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See this : http://home.sleepwalkers.org/moo.jpg and http://home.sleepwalkers.org/moo2.jpg ...That is what I was talking about !

I made an application to alter mIRC's desktop windows to glue them right on the desktop background!

Kind'a cool !!!

I do not need the transparent feature anymore.

ps. If anyone wants this application, please let me know. I am on DALnet , channel #sleepwalkers , Nickname : "SyntaxError". I will give you the app for free. smile ( Just need some time to make it more user friendly )
dude.. thats awesome
good work..
im at work and cannot get on irc atm.. if possible send to ( darko@ cubred.org )
Wow, that's very nice laugh Good job!
thnx guys!.. I'll try to make the app and post it online as soon as possible. But meanwhile, u know where to find me...

Just a note, I will put the application availble on www.sleepwalkers.org ... I probably will make it open source too. smile

now, I got to get back to work frown
Yeah I would like to see this application myself. Post a link to it so that we can all judge it. If it works anything like X-Chat 'transparency' then it isn't true transparency, Which you requested in your tirade a few weeks ago...

So don't feel that you have proved anything against what I posted before... ok? ... wink
I don't know what you mean ? *confused* It is true transparent. I pick a color and make the window transparent on that color. There is also alphablending possibilities here. Also, I kill off the caption and borders of the window. Simple! smile
Yes I know how that works, However that would make any text of the same color transparent also, Which is why I said it isn't a good solution.

It's ok if you know that your own windows theme, And mIRC colors don't use that RGB value, But it wouldn't be acceptable for a mass distributed script.

As I said before, On mircscripts.org there is already a DLL (mFUNC.dll) which supports that kind of transparency.
so, how does the DLL make the window transparent without using a color ? HEHE smile ...besides... my app is open source. I don't dare to use some unknown DLL on my computer! ... and... where were you when I yelled about needing transparent windows ?... Now when I make an app, you suddenly show up and complain. ...I think that sux0rz. But that's me !
good job. nice desktop picture btw smile
thank you... here is the picture if you want it : http://home.sleepwalkers.org/elka.bmp
I don't think we need to start another argument, do we? smile

If you have made an addon that gives the effect of what you displayed in the screenshots then that is very nice and I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate it. Thanks for putting in the work.

let us know the url where we can dl the transparency program smile
And what exactly OS are you using (on those pictures)?
It looks like some linux x-windows to me, it can be winxp also, but I am confused by the low right corner where I can some numbers like desktop numbers on kde or gnome example.
It's Windows Server 2003 but you can do same stuff in XP too... Here is 2 other screenshots of my old and new system : http://home.sleepwalkers.org/xp.jpg

and http://home.sleepwalkers.org/2k3.jpg

I promise I will as soon as I made it more userfriendly. I have a meeting tomorrow but I'll fix it up sometime before friday.

The application will be online on www.sleepwalkers.org or you can get it directly from me, from dalnet , #sleepwalkers , nickname : SyntaxError

my app is open source. I don't dare to use some unknown DLL on my computer!

Windows has hundreds of unknown DLLs.
but to download one as far as mirc is concerned?
Url's aren't working... frown
Downloading a closed-source DLL made by some guy who is for all intents and purposes untraceable isn't exactly the same as using a closed-source DLL that is used by millions worldwide and made by a huge company who could be held responsible if it contained malicious code.
i have never heard of it nor know who made it or where to get it... so sure.. to someone like me. it would be considered unsafe. and by going by what a few preachers on this board say.. dont dl things u dont know
Ok, i've used that DLL and know for a fact that you can get the source code, As it says in the Readme.

If a person isn't willing to read the readme, What makes you think they would read source code, Let alone compile it?

I'm sure when this guy posts a link people would happily download his program, And run the binary, without so much as a glance at the source code anyway. Where is the sense of security, really?
[Flame removed]
~namecalling deleted~
crazy behave...
sheeeeesh! do you go off on people like this IRL? Or just when someone can't get a hold of your throat and choke some sense into you?

Grow up Dude .. it's a forum! People can (and WILL) have their own opinions about anything and everything. You do NOT have the right to tell them otherwise OR to tell them to not respond to your childish tirades.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies.... Stop bickering all its going to do is force a moderator to lock this thread.
Actually if anything I was supporting what you said.

Well done though, you managed to call someone who was agreeing with something you said an idiot, clearly showing that you didn't understand what I had said in plain English. I get the feeling I should point out the irony there since you would clearly miss it if left to your own devices.
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