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Posted By: binge Dialog/Picwin IDE - 29/05/04 10:47 PM
Yes there are tools out there (eg. Dialog Studio) for this but they are a hassle and don't handle very well with mIRC. Sitting for hours setting up points and seeing if they are correct in picture windows and getting your dialogs to look perfect by incrementing each pixel is an incredible hassle and has driven some crazy (bunkahumpa left us a long time ago wink). An IDE for both would make scripting so much more enjoyable for the many of us who already love it by allowing us to easily make our GUI based scripts look even better. Please take what I have said into consideration when coding the next version of mIRC khaled.
Posted By: greeny Re: Dialog/Picwin IDE - 29/05/04 11:54 PM
Well, I'm very satisfied with Dialog Studio and don't need anything else. I don't know what you mean with "hassle".
Posted By: xxxYODAxxx Re: Dialog/Picwin IDE - 30/05/04 03:23 PM
I never used DS, I find it just as easy to set up manually. The only thing I normally do to make it any easier is draw it on a peice of graph papper first. Then use the grid as a referance. Once layed out on paper I >usually< don't have to fine tune much of anything wink
(just a thought)
Posted By: SergioNL Re: Dialog/Picwin IDE - 31/05/04 12:33 AM
waste of paper and time yoda

ok stupid comment sorry:)

i like the idea of a picwin editor, but i gues it would be shitty to make something like that
Posted By: Soul_Eater Re: Dialog/Picwin IDE - 31/05/04 06:29 PM
I've used DS. It works fine, no troubles. But I think its for lazy people, and I've only used it when I'm lazy and in a rush.

When I normally make a dialog, I just guestimate on where everything goes, making little adjustments to all the xywh coords as I go, it's not that hard, and I know which ID everything is when it comes to the events.
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