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Color syntax in Remotes

Posted By: DeathfireD

Color syntax in Remotes - 16/05/04 04:56 AM

I think adding in Color syntax would make the remote and other sections a little easyer to code in. I have seen a few mIRC remote script editers with Color syntax and it ends up working pritty nicely. Dont know how many people agree with me, but I think it would be nice to have a little pannel that will allow me to change the colors of the remote Color syntax.
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Color syntax in Remotes - 17/05/04 12:02 AM

A few have asked for it in the past. Personally I don't mind whether it happens or not. I code websites in Notepad so I am accustomed to doing things in black and white. I tried a coloured editor for that once and foudn it distracting so for some it may even work against them.
Posted By: xxxYODAxxx

Re: Color syntax in Remotes - 17/05/04 03:33 AM

I do all my work in notepad also,, however,, might be nice for commenting small test runs, or linked info.. things of that sort.. especially when helping with someone elses scripts smile
Posted By: DeathfireD

Re: Color syntax in Remotes - 17/05/04 06:45 PM

ya I use notepad and matrix Y2k which is a beefed up vershion of notepad. But there should be some kind of option where "if you want" to use color syntax or not and what colors. Might be cool to have for confusing scripts.
Posted By: vague

Re: Color syntax in Remotes - 19/05/04 12:14 PM

Well, I guess you can disagree on colors, but using notepad is just plain stupid. I could never live without regexp search'n'replaces in a text editor, for example. There is NO acceptable reason to do anything beyond the simplest of text editing tasks in notepad. The mere fact that it mangles Unix text files...

Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Color syntax in Remotes - 19/05/04 01:00 PM

The one thing I really can't stand about Notepad as a code editor is that it doesn't maintain indentation from line to line so you end up spending half your day pressing Tab. Which leads to my next feature suggestion for the Script Editor...
Posted By: DeathfireD

Re: Color syntax in Remotes - 24/05/04 07:21 PM

sorry I ment wordpad forgot which one was which. You got to admit though adding in some colors would make it a bit easyer to see whats going on. Maby even add in a error thing so when you write the script wrong it would show it in red and also echo it in your active window id you X'ed it out fast. Would help new people see what there doing wrong and what parts should be fixed.
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