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on *:IAL:#: -and- on *:IBL:#:

Posted By: Wolfie

on *:IAL:#: -and- on *:IBL:#: - 10/05/04 05:28 PM

To trigger when a list for the specified room has finished "loading", like if you need to perform a certain task but instead of setting up a timer to constantly check to see if the .ial is $true or not (same with .ibl)


Obviously, the only real identifier available would be $chan, no "$nick" etc.
Posted By: madewokherd

Re: on *:IAL:#: -and- on *:IBL:#: - 10/05/04 08:12 PM

Couldn't you just use the end of who and end of ban list raws?
Posted By: Wolfie

Re: on *:IAL:#: -and- on *:IBL:#: - 10/05/04 11:31 PM

I've actually had experiences where the raw code will come in, but the ibl is still showing as $false. That, and those who don't know how to process RAW's would benefit greatly from being able to make use of IAL/IBL events.
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