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Posted By: mititeluX make mIRC able to compile scripts - 29/04/04 06:40 PM
it's a great and easy to use, not sure if more popular than C/delphi ... but i like it more than any of those and would be great if you could compile exes with it

just an idea smile
This idea has already been suggested numerous times. The best thing to do would be to use the search feature.

To sum it up a bit for you the largest concern would be that most of the script language would be out of place. For example what would On TEXT do in an application?

I think as far as speed wise it might be a nice idea but to completly remove mIRC from its language would have less affect than any of the others.

Also note that while mIRC's scripting language is very fun and easy to learn/use it is also very limited compared to other languages such as C and the likes. So applications created with the script language would pail in comparison to those created with a more advanced/powerfull one.

Have fun smile
Posted By: Wolfie Re: make mIRC able to compile scripts - 29/04/04 08:25 PM
They could mean to compile to make faster, but to still be used from within mIRC only. If I understand it correctly, the mIRC "language" is still interpretted everytime it does something, much like in the older days, you had "basic" which just about anyone could right, and then you had assembly language - both running on the same machine (in this case, in mIRC), but one is faster.. Then obviously, some compilers could take "BASIC" and convert it into assembly which got encoded as well. Not quite as quick as properly programmed assembly, but was faster than "BASIC"...

At least, that's the impression that I got - but I could be wrong.. To actually implement the feature would probably require a third party to make something that would do an idea I mentioned a few threads back - convert a mIRC script into a DLL.. Somehow, I doubt that'll happen or would be easy to do.

Oh well.
well to compile it for use within mIRC itself certainly (I think i even mention it) would be something to see. I just take it from his post saying exe that he meant an application used "outside" of mIRC.

Anything that would speed up the language im all for at least to an extent.

Placing script within a dll wouldnt be hard but it would take quite a bit of work. If you wanted to you could take advantage of the mapped file and do it that way but you wont gain anything in the way of speed because mIRC will still have to parse any commands you send it. The only advantage would be maybe "hiding" your script code within a dll. somehow i dont think that would go over too well.

Have fun smile
Posted By: PastMaster Re: make mIRC able to compile scripts - 30/04/04 06:19 AM
somehow i dont think that would go over too well.

A masterpiece of understatement... wink

lol well i was just trying to be polite. I didnt want hte poster to think i hated his idea or anything but yes that is a huge understatement.

I cant think of any one person who would download something they cant view. Even newbies who cant spell script let alone do it wont download something thats not sourced lol.

Actually allow me to retract my last statement there probably are tons of people just downloading on pure faith lol.
Posted By: couresel Re: make mIRC able to compile scripts - 30/04/04 07:50 PM
For some reason, I get the feeling that in most cases where a user requests that mIRc have the ability to compose the scripting lanague, they are actually requesting that mIRC to be made to run as a background process much like eggdrops.

I've seen the language move from usage in basic implemented to features, to full scaled bots/services, and even an httd and with the exception of speed, I don't really see a major draw back where that is concerned. Perhaps if there was an executable to simply interpret the sources as need and run hidden as a background process, these requests would slowly diminish.

On the other hand, people may grow to lke it and press for an actual executable (developers don't let this detter, I for one want to see a simply interprator laugh)

Just a thought, excuse my ramblings.
ya i can see some uses being valid and not that great of an issue. Im not really against the idea I just wanted him to know that others shared the same view.

It wouldnt be impossible to write your own interpreter that simply runs mIRC scripts. they are after all plain text files. But it would definately be an undertaking. mIRC has quite a bit of identifiers commands etc.. and you would have to implement all or none. (otherwise face the rath of posts such as "why doesnt blah work"). Plus you would have to keep it up to date in step with mIRC updates.

A workaround could be just as you suggested. call CreateProcess and specify SW_HIDE for the window visibility state and run mIRC as a background process. Then all you need is its window handle (obtainable) and SendMessage althou you will still have to parse a bit before sending to mIRC. It is doable just a large request.

It would be intersting to see someone do it. smile
Posted By: couresel Re: make mIRC able to compile scripts - 01/05/04 05:44 PM
I agree it would

* couresel goes out to buy a book on C, C++, and Visual C
Posted By: Wolfie Re: make mIRC able to compile scripts - 01/05/04 10:33 PM
What if Khaled were to break mIRC up?

Such as have the mIRC remotes/aliases handled by a particular DLL (for example) and the mIRC.exe file is more of a front end for it. Then, all that would have to be done is to use another exe (say, remotes.exe for example) and have it call on the DLL and only allow loading/resetting of scripts and then load up the mirc front-end if someone wants to view everything.


To reorganize mirc in that way though would still be an undertaking.
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