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Posted By: Aubs List boxes - 21/01/03 01:51 PM
Wouldn't it be a good idea to be able to add a list box to a channel window?

that way, you would have something that looks like:

| L |              | N |
| I |              | I |
| S |    MAIN      | C |
| T |   CHANEL     | K |
|   |   WINDOW     |   |
| B |              | L |
| O |              | I |
| X |              | S |
|   |              | T |

or maybe in this style:

|                      |
|    LIST BOX          |
|                  | N |
|                  | I |
|       MAIN       | C |
|      CHANEL      | K |
|      WINDOW      | L |
|                  | I |
|                  | S |
|                  | T |

or even have th eability to have both...

and as Watchdog said:
I'd like to see that as a mIRC feature for favourite channels.

Well, favourite channel list or even the channels you are currently in. I've seen it on some Java applets. Perhaps it could be an alternative to all the ideas about modifying the switchbar.

(hope that wasn't copyrighted Watchdog grin)

Just a suggestion smile
Posted By: Watchdog Re: List boxes - 21/01/03 05:07 PM
Nup, it's not copyright lol.
Posted By: BoredNL Re: List boxes - 22/01/03 06:03 PM
What about support for multiple list boxes for any window?

perhaps it could be setup like frames. Either at the top, buttom, left, or right.. To be able to frame windows would be cool. smile Perhaps being able to stack multiple ones in a window would be good too..
|   |              |(4)|
| 1 |      5       | N |
|   |--------------| I |
|---|              | C |
| 2 |   MAIN       | K |
|   |   CHANNEL    | S |
|---|   WINDOW     |   |
|   |              |---|
| 3 |              | 6 |
|   |              |   |

1 could be my ignore list, 2 could be my shitlist, 3 could be my queue list.. 4, that's the nick list. 5, some custom script. 6, custom list. It'd be very very very useful. smile

Perhaps if a window could have more appearance options and modifications available to be made to it.. Perhaps it could be like a dialog in how it can be made to look, but not rigid like a dialog is. Things could be moved around at the click of a button, or made static. Whatever. There is a lot that can be done with this. smile
Posted By: _D3m0n_ Re: List boxes - 22/01/03 11:21 PM
hell yeah i love that suggestion ..... ive often wondered why there isnt like a dialog box under the nick list for adding buttons into .... say something like op kick ban topics kinda stuff ..... like pirch has and also several linux ircs ..... ive went and scripted my own custom nicklist to accomodate such a thing but ive had a few probelms and its just not the way it should be ... ex... doesnt line up in the channels unless u resize the bar and such ..... bu this would be a kewl feature imo
Posted By: The_Game Re: List boxes - 22/01/03 11:37 PM
Not a bad idea at all...it would simplify chatting and keeping track of you ignores bans or whatnot...i for one would love to see this
Posted By: Poppy Re: List boxes - 23/01/03 07:42 AM
Me too smile
Posted By: shadowdemon Re: List boxes - 23/01/03 01:21 PM
yeah me aswell, was gonna start scripting something that showed all users of a channel, but had the ban/kick/op and whatnot buttons, so all i had to do was click a nick, and then hit ban if needed, but this seems better if it was intergrated into mIRC, but was also customisable, so you could add your own buttons too, maybe using a small script, but aslo have a standard set of buttons too.

Posted By: _D3m0n_ Re: List boxes - 24/01/03 12:25 AM
well ive got just that exact script ive messed around with altho its not complete cause it gave me a migraine LoL like with having it refresh again after each join and part and quit or mode change to show ops and all that stuff ...... im thinking it would become more than i bargained for in the way of what i was trying to do ..... but if it were integrated into mirc it would be alot easier .....
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