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Posted By: Zmodem

$logfile - 12/03/04 07:25 PM

It'd be nice to have something like this, an identifier that can be used to refer to the log file for the active window, or maybe integrate more than that. For instance:

$logfile(0) pops up the currently active windows that are being logged.
$logfile(1) shows location\logfile.log filename for the 1st active log, and so forth.

Maybe I overlooked something like this already; anyhow, just an idea :-)
Posted By: Netchelandorious

Re: $logfile - 12/03/04 07:28 PM

how about $window().logfile?
Posted By: ChosenOne

Re: $logfile - 12/03/04 08:06 PM

I'm using a selfmade $logfile in my popups:
alias logfile {
  if ($active ischan) var %x $chan($active).logfile
  elseif ($query($active)) var %x $query($active).logfile
  if ($isid) { 
    if ($1 == shortfn)  return $shortfn(%x)
    else return %x
  else run %x
Posted By: root66

Re: $logfile - 13/03/04 12:51 AM

$window().logfile is teh win
Posted By: Zmodem

Re: $logfile - 13/03/04 04:16 AM

Like I said, I merely overlooked this feature ;-) Thanks a lot for the correction.
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