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MS Agent suggestions

Posted By: Beau_Noddie

MS Agent suggestions - 11/12/02 01:28 PM


Got some MS Agent ideas for you to shoot at...

1. Auto-reload agent character after it is changed in the File/Options/Sounds/Agents dialog, so the change will be visible right away (e.g. Genie becomes Peedy).

2. Make \ctx="e-mail"\ the default context. The email context was specifically designed for "internet lingo" so this would solve a lot of problems. Among other things it will correctly pronounce uppercase words, roman numbers, smilies and of course email addresses and URLs.

3. Select TTS mode (e.g. Adult Male #1, American English (TrueVoice)) in the File/Options/Sounds/Agents dialog.

4. Direct SAPI 4 support (speech without Agent characters).
Posted By: Spola

Re: MS Agent suggestions - 11/12/02 01:45 PM

yeah... the email lingo is a great idea!

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