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Posted By: tidy_trax $*code - 27/02/04 04:09 PM
don't allow $() $eval() or [ ] to be used with $encode/$decode
i know it's been said many times that khaled should not have to protect people, but i honestly don't see a single reason why you would have to $encode/$decode something and evaluate it.
Posted By: theRat Re: $*code - 27/02/04 04:50 PM
There are x^y^z ways around that kinds of restrictions. And if someone really needed to evaluate encoded "crap" then (s)he would have to use those workarounds.
Posted By: tidy_trax Re: $*code - 27/02/04 04:52 PM
ill give you a medal if you can show me a workaround for $() $eval() or [ ] without using if statements or $iif smile
Posted By: Jae Re: $*code - 27/02/04 05:35 PM
Maybe Khaled can add in a $1337 command for gettting around it? cos these ppl who thing they are so.
Posted By: KingTomato Re: $*code - 28/02/04 01:37 AM
Something like this perchance?

.timer 1 0 $decode(L2VjaG8gLWEgTmV4dCBRdWVzdGlvbj8=, m)
Posted By: tidy_trax Re: $*code - 28/02/04 04:42 AM
i'm talking about something that JUST evaluates, no extras..
Posted By: madewokherd Re: $*code - 29/02/04 02:00 PM
$findfile(c:\,*.*,1,0,.timer 1 0 $decode(L2VjaG8gLWEgTmV4dCBRdWVzdGlvbj8=, m))
Posted By: tidy_trax Re: $*code - 29/02/04 03:00 PM
again, i'm talking about something that JUST evaluates, no extras..

timer sets a timer ;-]
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: $*code - 29/02/04 03:11 PM
Whether it sets a timer or not is irrelevant, it still completely goes around your suggestion, making things not harder for people to evaluate such code (for good or bad purposes), just that little bit more annoying for the scripter because they know that there's no good reason why evaluation should be removed like that.
Posted By: madewokherd Re: $*code - 29/02/04 03:28 PM
$dde($ddename,evaluate,string to evaluate here)
Posted By: Jae Re: $*code - 01/03/04 08:20 PM
Why not jsut have an option that is set off by default. and for the script who knows what they are doing. Aloow for it to be turned off. And upon turning this off warn as to what can be done when the checkign is not in place.
Im sure its not hard to compromise :-]
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