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Posted By: medowl (modal) modeless dialog - 19/02/04 04:19 AM
i could really use a new option for the /dialog command
something that opens a dialog from a parent dialog and makes the new dialog the only dialog available for access untill it is closed...
so kinda like a modal dialog , but which doesn't halt the script, and doesn't necessarely need to return a variable
Posted By: ELY_M Re: (modal) modeless dialog - 20/02/04 02:14 PM

I thought this is MFC programming help. but that is good idea for scripting side.

pretty complex to do modeless dialogs...

might should suggest to do

/dialog -m here

Posted By: Quietust Re: (modal) modeless dialog - 25/02/04 03:39 AM
If you want a modal dialog that won't halt the active script, create it using a timer.
Posted By: medowl Re: (modal) modeless dialog - 25/02/04 04:02 AM
yeah i tried that .. and it kinda works , but not totally in my case
see im calling the small dialog i want to be modal from another bigger dialog, if i click anywhere outside the parent dialog , it works fine as a modal dialog , but if i click on the parent dialog, the bigger dialog moves to the foreground, making the little (supposed to be modal) dialog invisible... i hope you see what im trying to explain

i want the little dialog to stay ontop nomatter what... (untill i close it with an OK button)

it would just be very easy if there was an extra option added to the /dialog command which could do this very simple..
Posted By: Iori Re: (modal) modeless dialog - 25/02/04 06:31 AM
Maybe $dialog(name,table,-4)

See /help $dialog for explanation of the parent (the -4) option.
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