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/dcc nick

Posted By: TonyTheTiger

/dcc nick - 18/02/04 10:22 PM

It was cool that this was added.
It would be even better if it didn't effect all connections.
If I wanted it to effect all connections, I could use
/scon -a dcc nick -c <oldnick> <newnick>

Same goes for /close
If I use /close -m <nick> it only effects the active
connection, but if I use /close -c <nick> it effects
all connections. same with fgs

Thanks, the change would be greatly appreciated. smile
Posted By: DaveC

Re: /dcc nick - 19/02/04 04:29 AM

I guess its becuase dccs are not directly connected to the server they were initated from. you can leave that server behind and maintain the dcc, so then it wont have any scon number, how you gonna reach it?
Posted By: TonyTheTiger

Re: /dcc nick - 19/02/04 12:26 PM

I don't care what happens in the future, I'm speaking
of the time the /dcc nick command is used.

Even just to be able to rename each dcc individually
would be better than all dcc windows of the same nick
on all connections because then I could loop through
and only rename the ones I want.

DCC identifiers, $chat $fserv $get $send, all have cid
properties and DCC events, on CHAT on SERV on FILESENT
all have a connection
id. I opened a new server connection and started a dcc chat,
I then closed the new server connection, the dcc window
remained, but, it was reassigned the connection id of the first
server connection. When I opened the dcc, the cid was 5,
after I closed the server connection with which the dcc was
associated, the dcc cid was then 1 .. so it always has a
connection id.

All I'm requesting is the ability to rename dcc windows either
connection specifically and/or individually.
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